Other Provinces

Oghab Distribution Co.’s activities are not limited to Tehran; This company provides services to other provinces as well with a precise and professional look at their market. Nowadays besides Tehran, other provinces are also developing very fast in a way that each of them is divided into numerous parts. Although providing the needs of each of these cities are important, choosing the best representatives and ensuring their competencies helped this company to allocate a significant part of its sales to the provinces’ market.

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Numerous population and high rate of procurement in Tehran are very important to Oghab Distribution Co. Therefore, a swift and ordered distribution channel which is providing all supermarkets of Tehran could be a significant achievement for the company. Although Oghab Distribution Co. obtained the maximum coverage in supermarkets of Tehran but it didn’t lead to forget about the traditional segment of the market which is a powerful outlet. Hence, Oghab Distribution Co. could hold the maximum coverage in Tehran and Suburb wholesales. This achievement is substantial and vital because wholesalers are the main suppliers of retailers not only in Tehran but also in plenty of other provinces.

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Special Markets (including Ho.Re.Ca)

Oghab Distribution Co. will never limit its market nor eliminate a segment of it due to its small scale. Although this part of the market may be unseen and hidden from the sights, it has never been overlooked by this company and they are very important to Oghab Distribution Co. including the fruits and vegetable wholesalers, hotels, hospitals, governmental agencies and etc. In other words, these special markets require special methods and planning as well as professionalism and knowledge. Therefore, all that is subjected to these special markets such as distribution matters are covered by a special and independent unit under the name of special markets sales unit.

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The Chain Stores And The Cooperatives

Currently, the chain stores and the cooperatives are one of the major assets in the market and it is predicted that they grow even more, in the upcoming years. In the big cities, due to a higher rate of population and more concerns over time, big supermarkets are being established all around these cities. Oghab Distribution Co. with precise considerations regarding the current situation of the market and foreseeing the future has allocated an independent unit for the chain stores and the retail markets. Consequently, Oghab Distribution Co. was successful in covering a huge part of this market.

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Capillary distribution channel in karaj with 3 separate lines (detergents, health and beauty, and food) are responsible for covering approximately 6,800 retailing in karaj city and the suburbs

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Capillary distribution channel in qom with 2 separate lines (detergents, health and beauty) are responsible for covering approximately 1000 retailing in qom city and the suburbs.

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