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Since its establishment, Oghab Distribution Co. has always been pursuing a scientific approach which offers services to it’s customer. In this effort, the company has been striving to become a modern, leading player in the Iranian distribution industry. With several years of experience in providing top-quality services, Oghab Distribution Co. has honorably cooperated with Iranian and international reputable brands and tries to meet their requirements.

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Established in 1995, Raha Papyrus , awarded ISO9001-2000, is now one of the leading manufacturers of hygiene and tissue categories offering a well established brand as HiClean. Willing to compete with global brands, Raha Papyrus is aiming to provide superior quality with utilizing the best foreign raw materials. Beside superior quality, the brand's main competitive advantage is its wide range of innovative packaging and design with low prices and various products including upright tissue box, flat tissue box, on-the-go slim pack, hand towels, toilet papers and hygienic pads for all needs of customers.


Kervan Gida A.Ş., established in 1995 on a 450 square-meter indoor facility is now one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of premiere gummies, licorice and marshmallow in Turkey. Having 50.000 square-meter standard plant which is equipped with advanced production technology and with more than 100 thousand tons yearly production capacity, Kervan has been awarded ISO9001-2000, BRC, AIB and IFS certifications. The company's main philosophy is to continuously strengthen its presence both in local and international market with an understanding of "the best quality and the maximum customer satisfaction", "permanent updating of the last technologic innovations", "new production lines and new brands". Initially producing gum, Kervan Gida extended its scope and began jelly production in 1998. Since 2005, Kervan Gida has been the first to introduce licorice and new types of jelly to Turkey featuring Yumy Yumy, Crayola, Peanuts, Curious George and Bebeto brands. With its Bebeto brand, Kervan is quickly moving forward into the world market and becoming one of the most significant jelly producer.

Oghab Halva

With more than 70 years of experience, Oghab halva is the largest provider of sesame-based products in Iran, and one of the top companies in the Middle East. Oghab Halva has been granted a number of awards and licenses, including the EU International Quality Award, top R&D prize of Shahab festival, top company at International Top Brand Conference, Top Quality Award from FDA, Nominated Company Plaque at Food Industry and Standards Conference from ISIRI and a patent license and product innovation for Oghab Halva sesame sauce granted by British IUI.



As a member of Tea and Herbal Association of Canada, Victoria tea has been producing and distributing tea and coffee since 1995. The quality of Victoria tea and coffee products is continually assessed through automated systems, which guarantee the best quality of production and distribution system. Ava Negin Pasargard Co. as the importer and packaging agent of Victoria rice, tea and tea bags in Iran, has been cooperating with Oghab distribution Co. in terms of the distribution of the products since 2009.


Utilizing the most advanced technology and equipment supplied by Germany, France, and Belgium, Draje Food Industries Co. was established in Yazd Industrial Park. The company has been operating as the largest Iranian producer of coated, center-filled, classic and fruit-flavored toffee and jelly powders, diet jelly, fruit desserts, caramel cream and chocolate cream. Ever since 2011, Draje Food Industries Co. has been cooperating with Oghab for efficient distribution of the products.


Rojintaak is established in 2001 and completed the developmental phase quickly owing to a highly proficient management team. Now by covering 8,000 hectares of an agricultural land, Rojin factory grows various types of crops and offers high-quality and fresh canned products to the market. The company has made several achievements, including Iranian top exporter in 2009 and a statue from ISIRI for best tomato paste product in Iran. Since 2008, Rojin has been included in Oghab distribution basket.


Raya Tejarat Daris has been importing and packaging Javi canned products such as olives and pineapples. The company joined Oghab Distribution Co. in 2015..

Tep Tip and Pigeon

Sahardimas, an International company with a brilliant and long history has been importing a wide variety of products such as corn, pineapple, peaches, peas and etc. to Iranian markets. The company imports each category of goods from a country that is famous for growing top-quality crops. The products are offered under various brands including Golden Pine, Tep Tip, and Pigeon. Sahardimas as an international importing and packaging agent for canned pineapple, sweet corn, and green pea, has been cooperating with Oghab Distribution Co. since 2009.


Affiliated to Moazeni Commercial Group, Saadat Tejarat Kimia Co. has been involved in preparing, distributing and importing various food products for a decade. A major proportion of imports from Turkey, Italy, and India have been allocated to edible oils (non-transgenic corn oil) under the Sunar brand. In 2011, Sunar products have joined Oghab Distribution Co.

Zagros Sarcheshme Zendegi Co.

Zagros Sarcheshme Zendegi Co. has been involved in producing Galaxy and Salome canned tuna. Galaxy offers the finest quality Yellowfin tuna or Thunnus tonggol. Zagros main goals include a great focus on maintaining nutritional value in accordance with world’s latest standards and close monitoring of factory quality control in terms of hygienic production. In 2012, Zagros products have joined Oghab Distribution Co.



Hani Prepared Foods with the help of culinary art, the oldest and most genuine Persian recipes and latest global technologies present the lasting flavor of Persian cuisine to customers. With half a century experience, modern equipment and skilled professionals, Hani has become quickly popular among households, train’s and plane’s passengers and many other areas. Thermal sterilization is the only process that is done for long preservation; therefore these products are without any preservatives. Hani has been cooperating with Oghab Distribution Co. since 2009.


Pakvash was established in 1975 by a group of talented and experienced employees in the detergents industry. In April 2002, Pakvash joined Henkel AG & Company (Germany). Henkel was registered as the first investor with foreign ownership at Tehran Stock Exchange (STE) by purchasing 60% of shares in Pakvash. One month later, the company was officially renamed to Pakash Henkel. With over a century experience in the detergents market, Henkel has been known as one of the largest producers in the world. The Henkel products include Persil laundry detergents, Purex, cosmetic products Schwarzkopf, Fa and Loctite and Pritt adhesives. As a supplier of detergents and cosmetics, Henkel has been cooperating with Oghab Distribution Co. ever since 2015.


As a subsidiary of MahdeTage Company, Behdad Chemical Co. was registered in Tehran in 1984. Utilizing the latest technology, advanced laboratories, and R&D department together with experienced professionals make Behdad Chemical Co. the largest producer of detergents and cleaners in the Middle East. The products include liquid washer Meshgintaj, Rangintaj, Saf toilet and bathroom cleaner, Saf pipe cleaner and Silicotaj dishwashing liquid. Offering washer brands Taj and Saf, the company was awarded the top Iranian exporter during 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2013. In 2016, Taj products joined Oghab Distribution Co.


In 2012, TakAria began to operate as a producer of high-quality jam (cherries, strawberries, carrots, citron, rose and raspberry), pickles, canned tuna and tomato paste under the brand, Mixland. Relying on the knowledge and experience of shareholders and cooperation of the best food-producing factories in Iran, TakAria has successfully been offering its products to the market. Oghab Distribution Co. is distributing Mixland products across the Iran since summer 2016.


Altunsa is the well-known and high value brand of Altunkaya Group Companies. Since 1996, Altunsa have over than 1000 food products that may meet almost all requirements of a kitchen and it is achieved to be one of the leading companies in Turkey by presenting hygienic and healthy products produced in last technological production lines. Altunsa is taking share from domestic market; but especially proud to be one of the biggest suppliers for international market in many countries from Africa to Middle East.

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