جولای 5, 2018

How Brands Grow

Marketing is a creative science. So is architecture. Architects design masterpieces, but they apply creativity within the set of rules and physical laws. Architects should design building structures that do not fall under these rules. Unlike architects, many marketers, even […]
مارس 14, 2018

Modern Distribution Solutions

The distribution industry has made a lot of progress in recent years. Today, more companies are using the Internet to collect information, buy online and contact the manufacturer directly. Distribution organizations more than ever need to implement optimized logistics management, […]
دسامبر 19, 2017

Independent Distributors as the Best Means of FMCG Distribution in Iran

For distributors in emerging FMCG markets seeking to sell international consumer packaged goods, the researches findings are alarming. In the eyes of many corporations, the independent local distributor is an endangered species. Virtually all executives of multinationals bemoaned the lack […]
اکتبر 5, 2017

Dimond Award for the Best FMCG Distribution Companies in Iran

Oghab Distribution Company is well known as one of the distribution leaders in Iran. Oghab operations go beyond logistics. Oghab took distribution operations to the next level by exercising high technology and science-based distribution process to promote FMCG brands in […]
سپتامبر 3, 2017

Successful strategies for the distribution of fast-moving consumer goods in Iran

For global brands trying to enter new FMCG(Fast Moving Consumer Goods) markets, independent local distributors play an important role in the beginning of market entry and initial sales. At first, both multinational and distributor succeed in doing this cooperative task. […]
سپتامبر 2, 2017

Distribution Challenges of Global FMCG Brands in Iran

Most multinationals and global brands penetrating new international markets assign this entry process to local distribution companies. At first, they succeed and sales take wing. But after a while, they come to an impasse and end up this relationship with […]
آگوست 22, 2017

FMCG Distribution companies in Iran

Many marketers define marketing as putting the right product in the right place, at the right price, at the right time. Thus, the marketing mix known as the 4Ps refers to four broad levels of marketing decision, namely: price, promotion, […]
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