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Introduction to Oghab Distribution Co.

As traditional distribution systems are costly for producers, Oghab Distribution Co. was established in 2006 with more than 70 years of experience of Oghab Halwa Co. with the strong scientific perception of sales and distribution.

Ever since its establishment, this company has always tried to do all processes and activities based on science in order to be a modern and leading company in the field of sales and distribution in Iran. To achieve this goal, Oghab Distribution Co. has used scientific and theoretical sales systems as well as quality management systems to constantly improve the defects and implementation methods. While the number of staff increased from 28 employees to more than 1000 and the company area expanded from 300m2 of one-floor building to 1200m2 of Oghab Holding complex. Currently, the products are stored in a warehouse with 17000m2 of space.

In order to offer the best customer service and full customers’ satisfaction, Oghab Distribution Co. has been boarded to 14 staff units and 8 line units for its various activities. The staff department includes market research, marketing, distribution, Information technology, planning, quality control, human resources, finance, treasury, foreign business, system and strategy, logistic and supply units. These units are responsible for planning and finances of Oghab Distribution Co. but they work together to increase the sales’ rate of the company.

Oghab Distribution Co.’s sales department is divided into 8 groups for optimized and more efficient sales system:

  • Capillary distribution channels in Tehran with 3 separate lines (detergents, health and beauty, and food) are responsible for covering approximately 30,000 retailing in Tehran city and the suburbs. Sales in these departments are separately done by 1 and 2 tehran sales units in the field of food's product, henkel's detergent unit in the field of detergent's product and health and beauty unit in the field of beauty care's product.
  • Wholesalers’ distribution in Tehran with a deep perception about traditional Bazar of Tehran is trying to cover this part of the market. This responsibility is on the Khayyam Wholesale sales unit in Tehran.
  • The distribution channel of the provinces in Iran is responsible for the coverage of Oghab Distribution Co. all around Iran by attracting and supplying professionals representatives. This responsibility is on 2 professional unit in Tehran that Collaborates with 390 city ‘s representatives.
  • Special market distribution channels are responsible for covering the unseen parts of the market such as restaurants, hotels, government sections and etc.this channel Collaborates with 5200 of sales points .This part of the sale distribution channel is managed by the “special market sales unit”.
  • distribution channels unit of Chain stores and Cooperative , is constructed for responding to the future trend of growth of big shopping centers. Oghab Distribution Co. has fully understood this part of the market and has allocated a unit for chain distributions and Private Cooperative Companies.this channel Collaborates with 350 of sales points.
  • Capillary distribution channel in karaj with 3 separate lines (detergents, health and beauty, and food) are responsible for covering approximately 6,800 retailing in karaj city and the suburbs.
  • Capillary distribution channel in qom with 2 separate lines (detergents, health and beauty) are responsible for covering approximately 1000 retailing in qom city and the suburbs.

Today, Oghab Distribution Co. is known as one of the largest and the most credible distributing companies because of its strategic management through strategic planning. With correct planning and faithfulness to correct implementation, Oghab Distribution Co. has grown and expanded constantly over the years. Every year, this company has re-analyzed its performance through market research and their own data to set short term goals for implementing strategic plans in order to achieve these objectives. Thus, Oghab Distribution Co. has achieved customers’ trust and satisfaction by offering precise, scientific and unique services. Subsequently, it has gained a great position in distribution and supply industry in Iran and today, Oghab Distribution Co. is one of the top choices of local and foreign brands such as Henkel, Oghab Halwa, Rojin and etc.

Mission Statement

The main activity of Oghab Distribution Co. is to distribute supermarket’s products with a varied range of FMCG products(food,health and beauty,…) whole over the country. This company differentiates itself from other companies by its “scientific perception regarding the market”. Therefore, all its activities are based on Strategic planning system in order to achieve Oghab Holding’s objectives. Oghab distribution Co. believes that market plans have to be used in order to supply and develop the products in the market.

We are trying to realize the implicit and explicit needs of customers through market research. We look at this information as market opportunities and threats in order to transform them into a market plan, we convince our employers and employees to contact the market with a scientific dialect and to improve the products respectively.

Oghab Distribution Co. always adheres to two main principles; respect and science. Respect for shareholders by proper selection of employers whose opinions match the scientific management. Respect for employers who have entrusted their products to us; therefore, we should try our best to expand their sales’ rate. Respect for employees who are the cognitive and the executive forces of this development; therefore, we should do our best to reach their satisfaction and dynamism. And, more importantly, respect for customers, whose needs and requirements should be responded properly by us.

Yet, in order to make the organization more scientific-based and develop the efficiency of the organization management system constantly, we have planned all our activities by a Strategic planning system. Afterward, by a commitment to ISO10002:2014, ISO9001:2015 standard, we implement the plans through scientific procedures.

I and my colleagues must implement the company's quality policy And expected All officials are serious about explaining it among employees


Amir hossein nasseri

Long-term objectives of organization:

  • Maximizing the profit of suppliers
  • reducing operating costs
  • Effective and efficient financial management
  • growth customer satisfaction with product prices
  • growth customer satisfaction with product variety
  • growth customer satisfaction with timely delivery of goods
  • growth customer satisfaction with delivery according to order
  • growth customer satisfaction with staff behavier
  • finding the best solution for solving customer complaints more effectively
  • growth sales to new markets
  • Development of integrated management information system
  • Increasing the level of satisfaction of Organization personnel
  • Increasing capability of Organization personnel
  • Increasing operating income in current markets
  • Revenue growth from new products that added to portfolio
  • Active and continuous communication with Suppliers of portfolios
  • Comprehensive and effective supply planning
  • Safe and secure Warehousing
  • Effective quality control
  • Timely and complete distribution
  • sales based on approved targets
  • Effective Marketing
  • Timely and complete supply
  • Effective market research
  • Performance measurement and strategic planning

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Corporate social responsibility is what the company is responsible to society, people and the environment which they are working in. This responsibility is more than economic considerations and in the more understandable definition is known as activities which are towards optimizing the usage of natural resources, social benefits, the betterment of living conditions, health and etc.

Oghab Distribution Co. with many years of successful experience in supply and distribution industry was established in 2006 with scientific and theoretical systems in the sales section. In a very short period of time, this company was able to expand its human resource, equipment, and warehouse through a precise view at quality management systems and implementing successful systematic set ups. Oghab Distribution co. guided its staff by analyzing the market and monitoring the probable opportunities and threats in order to deliver products in a correct way with great quality. This company has always been faithful to the principles of the corporate social responsibilities in every decision which is made.

With regards to the Oghab Distribution Co.’s social responsibility towards the related field of industry, this company tries to make human’s health and environmental care one of its main priorities. In order to achieve this goal, this company analyzes every dimension of any product such as ingredients, preparation, target markets and the packaging to ensure the safety for customers’ health and environment before they enter the customers’ basket. To give an example on this, despite its great financial profit, Oghab Co. has eliminated tobacco and energetic drinks from its products. This company is trying to optimize human’s wellness by limiting bad habits in the youth such as smoking and drinking energetic drinks. For this purpose, Oghab Distribution Co. is cooperating with the companies which produce healthy products and have the national and global standard’s certificates. For instance, we can point to Shadlee Juices which are organic and with no additive sugar.

Being responsible and faithful from the starting point of the production right up to the consumption can play an important role in the prevention of diseases and disorders in the society. Therefore, in order to have a healthier and livelier society, we need to choose our cooperative company wisely to plant the seed of a healthy lifestyle in the heart of society and our customers. We hope that this can be a step to the advancement of our country Iran.


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