Dimond Award for the Best FMCG Distribution Companies in Iran

Oghab Distribution Company is well known as one of the distribution leaders in Iran. Oghab operations go beyond logistics. Oghab took distribution operations to the next level by exercising high technology and science-based distribution process to promote FMCG brands in Iran. It constantly structures and utilizes the best strategic distribution planning to satisfy their partners and customers. Oghab started its operation with 28 employees eleven years ago. It has now more than 700 employees. With 17,000 square meters storage warehouse, a decade of experience in distribution, and employment of modern technology along with science-based distribution process, Oghab is arguably the largest and most reliable distribution company in Iran. The company has structured the best strategic distribution planning in its operation which made the company a leader of distribution sector in Iran. Oghab truly deserves to be the recipient of ‘Dimond Award’ (Dimond Trophy).

Distribution industry has seen a lot of advancement in the last two decades. Iran was no exception to this advancement, and its distribution industry has been experiencing a substantial growth in the past few years. Sanctions lifted from Iran’s economy after nuclear deal provided even more grounds for such growth. The industry leaders started building new distribution models and utilizing scientific methods of marketing to substitute the conventional ones. Employing standardized and scientific distribution system by Iranian distribution companies has improved distribution productivity and reliability in the country. The Distribution Management System (DMS) has conducted researches in the field of consumer goods, retail and distribution in the country to promote industries. It also started collecting and sharing market information such as products’ availability and sales rate of manufacturing companies in all of the 31 provinces in Iran. By organizing annual conferences and recognition events, they have increased competition amongst top rank distribution companies in Iran. DMS also uses annual conferences to share new ideas in distribution industry, as well as ideas to increase profitability, reliability, safety, and marketing in underserved areas of the country. DMS has been continuously auditing the distribution companies’ performance throughout the year to come up with top ranked distribution companies in Iran. Some of these top ranked companies receive the prestigious award called ‘Dimond Award’. The main objectives of introducing the “Dimond Award” is: Fulfilling specialized assessments in the field of distribution, Strengthening competitiveness among distribution companies in Iran and their affiliations, and better planning and management for distribution channels nationwide.

The 10’th annual conference on distribution management and the ceremony for appreciation of the distribution industry leaders was held at the Center for International Symposium of the Milad Tower on August 31, 2017 and qualified companies were awarded with a “Dimond Award” (Dimond Trophy) including Oghab Distribution. This seminar is considered as the most prominent annual distribution industry seminar in Iran. Since 2006, 196 of the well-known and successful distribution companies in Iran have been awarded with Dimond Award (Dimond Trophy). Some companies have received the award for several categories. Oghab Distribution Company has won the Dimond trophy for the past 4 years in a row. Kudos to all hard working managers and staff for achieving this milestone.

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