Problem statement

It is recommended to add sesame seeds into the human diet, thanks to its unique properties. Relying on doctors, dietitians and years of experience, Oghab Halva Company is offering a wide range of sesame-based products to fulfill society’s health. In that respect, diverse series of products and new flavors need to produced and launched to the market in the market continuously. The success of new products is bound to a few key points, 1) production should be tailored to the public needs and tastes, 2) introduction of new products should be properly communicated to the audience, and 3) products should be distributed correctly to provide desirable accessibility. Sesame cream is a new and extremely nutritious product which is offered to the market by Oghab Halva food experts and researchers.


Relying on extensive market research and close interaction with the consumers, Oghab Distribution Co. is aware of different tastes, needs, preferences and generally the market potential for various consumer goods. Accordingly, the market conditions can be assessed to estimate the inclination of a new product with a strange flavor or taste. Oghab eventually guaranteed the success of new products in the market by offering a comprehensive marketing and advertising plan aimed at raising the public awareness and extensive distribution of sesame cream throughout Iran.


Owing to the high-quality implementation of the comprehensive marketing plan and homogeneous distribution, Oghab’s new product was quickly arranged in racks and entered the household consumption basket. The sesame cream has been successful enough to become one of Oghab Halva’s strategic products. Being broadly embraced, this product has been offered in additional flavors fitting the Iranian tastes. The popular flavors include chocolate and classic coffee, which doubled the sales rate of this product in the Iranian market. The sugar-free sesame cream has recently been developed by Oghab Halva Co. with respect to the company’s emphasis on public health and delivery of products to all segments of the society.

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