Problem statement

Rojintaak Agro Industries established in 2001 by private-sector investment and began to operate with a highly proficient management team in 2004. Rojin factory has been constructed on a 24-hectare land in Kermanshah. In 2008, Rojin had already achieved high production capacity and quality, even though the products were not sold desirably in the Iranian market while initiating cooperation with Oghab Distribution Co. In fact, there was a long road to obtain an acceptable market share among other brands involved in the tomato paste industry.


Rojintaak began to cooperate with Oghab Distribution Co. in 2008 with an effort to promote the distribution of its products all across the country. In its very first step, Oghab commissioned a professional market research and marketing team to scientifically analyze the current conditions of the market and competitors. The survey results indicated that one of the main reasons behind low sales rate and failure to gain a remarkable market share referred to poor quality packaging and outward appearance of the Rojintaak. The Iranian taste and preference were barely satisfied by the old-fashioned Rojin packaging.
According to several analyses, Oghab demonstrated that Rojin tomato paste was a potentially popular, high-quality and reliable product to be included in the Iranian household basket. Due to poor outward appearance, this product was unsuccessful in the market until it was entered to the Oghab’s distribution portfolio. For that purpose, Oghab experts devised a comprehensive marketing plan to shift the packaging color from green to red. Moreover, Oghab provided a 3-year comprehensive marketing plan, including promotion techniques, a proper arrangement in racks and many other measures leading to a smart branding solution for Rojin. Trusting in the expertise of Oghab Distribution Co. Rojintaak could successfully put the comprehensive marketing plan into practice. Finally, by applying the packaging changes and systematic distribution of this product in the target market, the low sales rate was lifted in the Iranian market, particularly in Tehran, over a 3-year course. At the moment, Rojin is one of the most respected and best-selling brands in the Iranian processed tomato paste market.


Rojintaak has become the top brand of the industry and gained a great market share during the last few years owing to the implementation of the comprehensive marketing plan offered by Oghab Distribution Co. as well as utilization of a modern and fully-equipped food industry laboratory.

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