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About Oghab Distribution Co.

Ever since its establishment, this company has always tried to perform all processes and activities based on science in order to be a modern and leading company in the field of sales and distribution in Iran. To achieve this goal, Oghab Distribution Co. has used scientific and theoretical sales systems as well as quality management systems to constantly improve the defects and implementation methods. While the number of staff increased from 28 employees to more than 1000 and the company area expanded from 300m2 of one-floor building to 1200m2 of Oghab Holding complex. Currently, the products are stored in a warehouse with 17000m2 of space.

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Scientific Management in Sales and Distribution of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Scientific management technics are the key to success in today’s turbulent market, through this concept Oghab distribution Co. has become one of the most reputable distribution companies in the country. Oghab distribution Co. owes its success to the flexible structure, strategic planning and proper implementation of the plan. This company collects its data and market information each year to constantly analyze its performance, Oghab Distribution Co. formulating and implementing strategic plans by setting short, medium and long-term objectives. Today this company with precise, scientific and unique services has gained customer trust and satisfaction which also lead this company to reach the brilliant place in distribution industry in Iran.

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Some Successful Experiences


Rojintaak Agro Industries established in 2001 by private-sector investment and began to operate with a highly proficient management team in 2004. Rojin factory has been constructed on a 24-hectare land in Kermanshah. In 2008, Rojin had already achieved high production capacity and quality, even though the products were not sold desirably in the Iranian market while initiating cooperation with Oghab Distribution Co. In fact, there was a long road to obtain an acceptable market share among other brands involved in the tomato paste industry.

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جولای 5, 2018

How Brands Grow

Marketing is a creative science. So is architecture. Architects design masterpieces, but they apply creativity within the set of rules and physical laws. Architects should design building structures that do not fall under these rules. Unlike architects, many marketers, even […]
مارس 14, 2018

Modern Distribution Solutions

The distribution industry has made a lot of progress in recent years. Today, more companies are using the Internet to collect information, buy online and contact the manufacturer directly. Distribution organizations more than ever need to implement optimized logistics management, […]
دسامبر 19, 2017

Independent Distributors as the Best Means of FMCG Distribution in Iran

For distributors in emerging FMCG markets seeking to sell international consumer packaged goods, the researches findings are alarming. In the eyes of many corporations, the independent local distributor is an endangered species. Virtually all executives of multinationals bemoaned the lack […]
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